Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WFMW - Backwards edition, Couch questions

It's another WFMW, a Backwards edition. I get to ask you for help/advice.

Our couch is a faux (fake) suede material. We love the look and feel (well, we did when we bought it). But now that we've had several children wipe their snotty noses and other things on it it doesn't look very pretty. Any advice on cleaning this material? Something quick I could use to get little "spots" out? I've thought about using fabric cleaner spray on it but I think I would have to dose the whole thing and it would take days to dry out - not a good option when company is coming in 30 minutes!

Another question - the cushions are always sliding out (especially when the kids are sitting/jumping on them. Any ideas to help with this? I keep pushing the cushions (not the kids) back in but it's really a pain.

As always, thank you for help/suggestions/commiserations! :) See Shannon for more WFMW!


Jeni said...

My couch & chair are an "ultrasuede" material - sounds like what you have. I use the spray OxyClean and a damp rag. It makes the couch look like it's soaked, but it dries quickly. And I need to do that tomorrow, as we have company coming this weekend! :-)

Shannon said...

You could always try hand sewing pieces of velcro to the bottom of the cushions and on the couch. That is what one of our living room sets has and it does help.