Saturday, June 14, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I haven't participated in this in a LONG time. But since I actually have a picture, I thought I'd post. My best deal over this last week (besides free diapers from L., thank you so much!), is probably 2 containers of .99 strawberries. Strawberries were on sale at Kroger 1.99 for 1 lb container. Not the greatest deal* (but the best advertised this week). However, when I went in there were several containers marked down to $.99. Yeah! I was planning to make strawberry shortcake but the kids and I devoured almost one whole container yesterday and will probably eat more today so we'll have to hold off on the strawberry shortcake. Lesson for you - keep your eyes peeled for those "manager's special" stickers at Kroger!! :)

Next best deal this week, at Meijer I was "trolling"** for coupons from the U-scan checkouts and found one that was badly mangled, $5 off $25 purchase. I just gave it to the friendly cashier and she took care of it for me - yeah!!

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*When I went to Meijer their strawberries were $1.50 (but I paid less ha ha na na boo boo!). I like the lower prices at Meijer but their strawberries can be iffy sometimes. Usually their strawberries have to be eaten that day or the next, however the strawberries I previously bought at Kroger were much fresher and seemed to last longer.

**trolling (not sure if I made this up or read it elsewhere) - looking for coupons others have left, usually people will just lay them down on a shelf but sometimes the coupons are left intentionally at the self-checkout (no cashier to force them into your hand). I've also been known to dig through the trash can at Kroger (shh - don't tell anyone!). :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Frugal Friday - saving when you wear contacts

As usual, I'm a little late to the party. Crystal had a post about saving on buying contacts and the comments were really good too. I have been wanting to write a post about saving $ when you wear contacts - how you use solution, etc. I started wearing contacts when I was sixteen. I took a hiatus from them (glasses seemed so much easier) for about 2 years (age 19-20) but have been wearing contacts almost all of the time for the last few years.

At first I used saline solution, cleaning solution, and weekly enzyme tablets (these were not disposable lenses!). Then enzyme drops came out so the weekly tablets were replaced with a daily drop into the case. Probably five years ago, the one-step solution came out. I tried the Opti-Free Express (because I had been using their solutions and enzyme drops) but it irritated my eyes so I went back to the old way. A couple of years ago, my eye doctor convinced me to try Aquify and I started using the one-step solution. This seemed kind of expensive to me so I figured out how to make it cheaper. I bought basic saline solution (Wal-Mart generic kind) and put that on my fingers to remove my contacts and to "wet" my fingers when rinsing with the all-in-one solution. (Fill your contact case with the all-in-one.) In the morning, I just dip my finger in the case to wet it then pull out the contact. I've found no rinsing is needed AND it hurts my eyes to rinse with the saline solution (if it is truly needed to rinse then the stinging goes away after a minute or two of blinking). Recently, there was a freebie for a sample of Opti-Free Replinish and I found that it worked for me. With coupons and sales, I was able to get 2 bottles of the Opti-Free Replinish cheaper than the Aquify. I have also found that telling my eye care place I need some sample bottles to travel with is a good way to get some for free. :)

For the last 2 years, I've been using two-week disposable contacts that have a better oxygen transfer (or something like that) so it's ok to sleep in them. I usually take them out every other night and keep wearing the contacts for one month. This also saves on solution and contact replacement. I tried the BEST ones before (I think you could keep them in even longer) but they irritated my eyes too badly. I'm wondering what my next appointment will bring though, my astigmatism was pretty bad last time and the doctor suggested trying the astigmatism contacts, anyone have those? Any difference in wear and care?

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Hmm, busy and music

We've been busy this week with VBS but I just HAD to post about Shannon's giveaway. Go check it out here. WOW Hits 1 is a new compilation CD, full of hits from some of my favorite Christian recording artists, including Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin. You can see more details here. The nice folks behind WOW Hits 1 are offering TWENTY winners each a boxed set of 17 CDs, one CD for each of the artists represented on WOW Hits 1.

I love the music of Steven Curtis Chapman and can recommend (well, any) his newest release This Moment which is one of the CDs to win!

However, this giveaway is for bloggers only so what are you waiting for? Start your own blog!!