Monday, January 7, 2008

Good reading about "Homemaking" profession vs At-home-mom titles

I thought Elizabeth at A Merry Rose: Blooming as Keeper of My Home wrote a very good post about titles and how you might think of your "career" as homemaker or stay-at-home mom or at-home-mom. Please go read! :)

I commented, "Great writing! I say homemaker when a 'career' is asked, I'll say 'stay-at-home' sometimes adding mom or mother when someone asks (for example at the store when they see my child(ren)). But to myself I probably say at-home-mom because my homemaking skills are greatly lacking!! My mom worked and I wasn't trained for this career. Our home was kinda a mess but adding 4 children in 6 years doesn't help! :) Nothing ever stays in the same place! I'm working on it and my husband thinks I'm doing a GREAT job (so I guess that's what matters the most)."

And this is my first post of 2008! Sorry, I've been a little absent. We hosted a New Year's Eve party for our Sunday School class at our HOUSE! Aaahh! So I've been doing a lot of cleaning and rearranging and some decluttering. We still have lots to work on though! Then we had a family over after church yesterday. Aahh. More cleaning, rearranging and decluttering! During the evening service last night (I had a headache too!), I told my husband, "wow, now I can relax." I don't think I realized how stressed I was. It's so nice to know no one is coming over for a while. EXCEPT it would be good to keep the house in a somewhat ready-for-company mode. We'll see. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Need a Nap 2,

Thanks for the linky love.

It sounds like you're doing well at training "on the job". I have had a lot to learn through the years and am still learning.