Monday, October 13, 2014

"Why is she crying?"

My oldest says about my 2nd oldest, "Why is she crying?"

"Because it hurt, and she's bleeding," I say.  We've crossed over, our 2nd oldest daughter started insulin last week.  We all want to cry, or make funny faces to distract my daughter at shot times.  It's a family affair around here, always has been.

But I really want to post some pictures of the odd places I've been finding my oldest daughter's test strips.  Please do not skip ahead, take these pictures one at a time!  :)

In the popcorn bowl:

and here's a close-up

How about my youngest daughter's belongings?  I found this in her swim bag.

The next one is reconstructed, but it is honestly how I found it!!

Would you like a test strip with your marshmallow treats??

*Note: do not start at the bottom of this post but please start at the top and read down!!!!