Friday, November 14, 2014

It's here! Diabetes Day is here!

We're celebrating by counting carbs and dosing insulin.  So pretty much like every day around here.  :)  Something new was changing the cartridge on my daughter's insulin pen.  This is our newest insulin-taker, my 2nd oldest (note to self - need nicknames on here) was prescribed a refillable half unit dosing insulin pen (forgive me for not knowing the exact name, there are 2 brands that I'm aware of).  It's a little intimidating, but also very nice to be able to turn the dial forwards and backwards and dose in half units! 

I would love a cure.  I am in awe of the early researchers of insulin, they gave all diabetics the chance at wellness and continued life.  My oldest daughter's diagnosis was scary, and I can't imagine taking her to the hospital where there was no insulin, no treatment, only wasting away and death. 

I am thankful for necessary-don't-judge-me-for-taking-insulin-I'm-diabetic.  I am thankful for improving treatments.  I am thankful we're all here today.  I am thankful, but I am waiting - waiting for that cure.
Thanks to Kerri for the above ear worm.  :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Diabetes Awareness month - Daily Life

Well, here we go again, another November has rolled around and it's Diabetes Awareness Month!  I'm not going to make any big promises to blog every day because I'm already two days behind.  Ha ha.

With all of the shots, insulin cartridges, needles, lancets, etc that are used on a daily basis we need somewhere to dispose of these items properly.  For my state, we can use laundry detergent bottles.  So, if I come asking you for any clean and empty laundry detergent bottles, you'll understand.  These empty insulin pens have to go somewhere!  :)

No one in my house likes the smell of insulin, so these pens had to be emptied when no one else was home which is almost never!