Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello again & Part 2

I feel like I've fallen off my duff as far as blogging goes and it's completely true! :) Oh well, sorry to leave anyone/everyone hanging on the diagnosis of our oldest.

Here's the end of part 1, we were in the ER:
"Then the doctor came and talked to me, what I thought was possibly an allergic reaction to the antibiotic was something much more serious.

To be continued . . ."

He said that her blood sugar was over 530 (I can't remember the exact number) and that she has juvenile type 1 diabetes. He said that she would be transferred by ambulance (of course!) to the nearest children's hospital. I just kind of let my chin drop, mouth hang open, and it wasn't long until the tears started to fall.

She looked so sick (well kinda anyway), so thin, so pale. I had pulled her hair up and wrapped a pony tail holder over and pulled the hair through so it would be out of the way in case she threw up. She had on her pink pajamas. She looked very thin and like a ballerina. She should've been performing on stage (though my kids have never taken ballet is beside the point) not lying in a hospital bed about to go on an ambulance ride!

Next I had to call my husband and tell him. He was asleep when I called, I felt bad for waking him. I really didn't think he'd even remember what I said, or that he understood the seriousness but he seemed to.

Some of the nurses came in, checking on us before their shifts ended or to say some kind words (one had a niece who was diagnosed not long ago), also a hug and shoulder to cry on. I truly appreciated their kindness.

We waited (and waited) for the ambulance, then it was time. The ambulance guys (2 men) were kind but also funny. It was what I needed. They helped us get settled at the children's hospital. Then the hurry up and long waits started, fast blurs of activity then long stretches of quiet, lots of guilt and crying on my part. (just keeping it real!)

The last few months of vague illness and sickness would soon make sense. If you keep track of such things, her hA1c was 12 (I just had mine checked and it was 5.4, we're starting to aim for her to be less than 7).

Later, I searched for mommy blog posts but found almost none about this topic, maybe I missed them for some reason. I want others to know that there is someone else out there, though our journey is not the same, our child's treatment/bodies/ages/diagnosis story is not the same, I'm also living this scary nightmare BUT thankful that God is in control and that my child is still here! Type 1 juvenile diabetes is manageable, livable, and one day maybe we'll look back and be thankful. Here's one college student I've found that is thankful: Mollie writes at a blog about diabetes.

Part 3 coming soon (more about our hospital stay, ugh!) :)