Saturday, October 31, 2009


Is it ok to be more excited about fall back time change than Halloween?? We usually don't make a big-to-do about Halloween but since our son got a Spiderman costume given to him, we decided to let all the kids get dressed up and go trick-or-treating. Last year we participated in trunk-or-treat at church and had fun but it was hard b/c our oldest was just diagnosed in Sep with diabetes. I gave all the cars sugar free gum to give her to make sure she was given something she could have. But this year, we moved last month and our new church doesn't do anything (not that I blame them) so we decided to let the kids go door-to-door with daddy while I stay home and hand out candy. :)

So updates - we sold our house, we moved into a rental townhouse, and we're all still adjusting! We haven't had an "upstairs" since college (1999) so this has been a big adjustment for me. I need to check out all of the organizing tips for having an upstairs and downstairs b/c I used to always ignore that advice! :)

We've joined the Y here, so I'm starting to get some exercise and the kids are in the childcare there while I'm exercising. Probably not the best arrangement but it's FREE (well, included with membership payment anyway). Our oldest is participating in a basketball program so we have entered a new phase of having a child in a sports activity! I'm not sure the other 3 are going to enjoy watching games, etc but they'll have to live with it. I think it will work where we'll have the oldest in basketball, the 2nd daughter in ballet/tumbling/dance, and the boy in soccer where hopefully there won't be much overlap in schedules. It depends on when soccer starts, but I think that will be a doable schedule and each of them will get to do something. That's all for now!