Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Update - lots of new diabetes stuff going on! :)

Well, I've been meaning to write about this for a while.  :)  I got an insulin pump!!  That of course isn't shocking news in the diabetes' community but since I've only had insulin pens since 2012, it was big for me.  I chose the t:slim.  (My oldest daughter had a Medtronic pump then went on the t:slim.)  I tried to get the Enlite system a couple years ago but couldn't get the sensor (CGM) part approved through my insurance and the local representative ended up dodging my calls and I lost interest in Medtronic.

I thought it would be easier if my daughter and I were on the same kind of pump plus I *love* the touch screen on the t:slim.  I'd love to have the Dexcom sensor of course.  I was shocked when the supplier said I could get the G4 t:slim system and Dexcom!!  Wow!  Big wonderful surprise!!  So last October I met the trainer at our local library and began pumping and using a Dexcom sensor.  I'll write another post on advantages and disadvantages.
Like others, I love having the CGM information available but sometimes it's very overwhelming to have so much data or I don't feel like I'm using all of the information well.  It's amazing how accurate the Dexcom sensor is but I do get disappointed when it's off.

My advice of shots vs. pumps?  Some parents feel bad that they don't have their child on a pump.  Just because we put our daughter on a pump doesn't mean your child needs one.  Our oldest didn't have good control on shots.  She changed from taking Lantus to Levemir twice a day and still wasn't getting good control.  It depends on you.  Are shots working for you?

Shots were working OK for me but sometimes (because I don't keep a log) I would forget if I bolused for the dessert I want to eat (cookie) or dessert I should eat (single piece of dark chocolate).  I like having a history on my pump of what exactly I bolused for.

Are you willing to wear something 24/7?  Omnipods might be tubeless but it's still attached 24/7.

Are you responsible?  Will you take your pump off and forget where you put it?  Not that most 5 year olds would, but it's something to think about.

How is your insurance?  I used to get insulin pen samples from my doctor sometimes and that helped me to stretch our medical expense dollars.  Shots are generally much cheaper than pumps.

[Off soap box] I like my pump and CGM a lot, I think I love it!  I thought I would but wasn't completely sure how it would work out for me.  :)