Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dee Henderson, unsolicited review and personal tirade

I loved Dee Henderson's books.  I started with The Negotiator, the first in the O'Malley series, and loved it.  I tried to wait patiently for the books coming out but it was really hard.  Then I went back and read the pre-quel Danger in the Shadows.  And eventually I read her early book, The Marriage Wish.  I read her Uncommon Heroes series and liked it but not as much as the O'Malley series.  Then she published some stand alone books: Kidnapped (also known as True Courage), Before I Wake, and The Witness; I really liked those.

Then Dee was in a terrible accident and didn't publish anything for a while.  I was very excited when her new book came out and now two more.  So now we're to Full DisclosureUnspoken, and Undetected.  I've been disappointed each time.

First, the books are longer than the O'Malley series books so each book seems to go on and on.  Second, I keep waiting for the suspense.  Because her new books were labeled "romantic suspense", I expected some suspense to be in these books. There are moments of problems and issues, and I know something is going to happen but I never really feel the peril or surprise at who the "bad guy" is.

It's not that these books are bad, they're nice stories.  But really not what I expected when I opened a Dee Henderson book.  She used to be my favorite author and I think I'm starting to look for a new one.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Test, Test, Re-Test

When I was originally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was asked to take my blood sugar twice a day.  One - fasting in the morning, and two - two hours after my biggest meal.  But then the dr also added when I didn't feel well or "off" or whatever (which was quite frankly all of the time because I had diabetes and was freaking out a little).  I knew that type 1 diabetics were supposed to test before driving so I threw that one in sometimes too.

I think one of the major differences between type 1 diabetics and type 2 diabetics is how often they test their blood sugar.  I've asked type 2 diabetics how often they take their blood sugar and it follows the routine I listed - at most twice a week.  I hope those who are dosing insulin take their blood sugar more often, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.  Type 1 diabetics are supposed to take their blood sugar fasting, before each meal or snack, before driving, before bed, when sick, when they feel "off", etc.  And when you have a blood sugar number that needs adjustment, like you were low and ate something, then you have to re-test so you end up taking your blood sugar again!  Sometimes the number seems off so you have to wash your hands and take your blood sugar yet again!  Did you get an error?  That's a wasted test strip and then you have to take your blood sugar again.  Argh, keeping up with blood sugar numbers is a big fat pain (but life saving).  :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I was fine, sure just fine

A few weeks ago . . .

My friend called and we agreed to meet at the park with all of our kids.  Then I got the first phone call about my daughter's blood sugar.  Then I had to meet my friend at the park, one look at my face and she knew something was wrong.  I held the crying at bay for a minute until the kids were playing then the tears came (again).  Part of my being upset was waiting for the right time to tell our daughter.  There's never a right time!!  But we had to decide if she would be re-tested.  I wanted her to make that choice.

Our daughter agreed to be re-tested and so the waiting began.  My friend kept asking me if I was okay.  I felt okay at the moment but wasn't sure about the next moment.

Then the call came, her blood sugar was elevated for the re-test and she's diagnosed.  My husband was home for lunch right then so we talked for a minute.  Again, the question this time from him, are you okay?  I said yes, then it only took two seconds past the door being shut that the tears were back again.

Have we been down this road before?  Yes, that makes it a lot easier but it doesn't make it any less devastating or life-changing or cry-inducing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life changes

In October 2012, I posted about my type 1 diabetes diagnosis and starting insulin.  In January 2013, I started quick acting insulin at each meal and March 2013 (or Feb, I can't remember) I started Lantus insulin.  Now I'm waiting on approval for an insulin pump.  I'm also looking at being a part of TrialNet's LIFT study (Long-Term Investigative Follow-Up in TrialNet), looking for c-peptide levels.  So, I'm not done with TrialNet yet I guess.

Our second-oldest daughter has been doing an OGTT every 6 months for a TrialNet follow-up (history study).  In April, we got the call that her blood sugar was above the threshold (211, instead of less than 200 at two hours).  We went back and repeated the test and she was higher (232).  So she's officially diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic too.  That's half our children (2 out of 4) and half of our family (3 out of 6) having type 1 diabetes.  I know we're not alone, there are several blogs with parents talking about multiple t1 children but it's still really hard!  Because of such an early diagnosis through TrialNet, our daughter will probably just start by taking her blood sugar and eventually move to insulin.  Our oldest daughter was diagnosed at the hospital and she was in DKA, not an ease-into-this slowly diagnosis!

I still support TrialNet and am looking forward to research developments that come because of their research.  We're still getting our other two children tested once a year and I'm encouraging my siblings to be tested.  It's much nicer to get that "it's okay" letter in the mail than a "your child tested positive for autoantibodies" call from TrialNet.  :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Great Book - Silenced

Book #4 in the Alaskan Courage series, Silenced by Dani Pettrey is now available.  I was very excited to read Kayden and Jake's story.  The book was very good, providing suspense and romance and exciting details of rock climbing.  I would highly recommend you read the whole series in order.  It's hard to keep the characters and their details straight without it.  The author, Dani Pettrey, does try to slowly introduce everyone with some background information but you'll probably be lost without reading the other books. I'm wondering if there is going to be a fifth book telling Reef's story?

Thanks to Bethany House for giving me this book to review.  Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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