Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life changes

In October 2012, I posted about my type 1 diabetes diagnosis and starting insulin.  In January 2013, I started quick acting insulin at each meal and March 2013 (or Feb, I can't remember) I started Lantus insulin.  Now I'm waiting on approval for an insulin pump.  I'm also looking at being a part of TrialNet's LIFT study (Long-Term Investigative Follow-Up in TrialNet), looking for c-peptide levels.  So, I'm not done with TrialNet yet I guess.

Our second-oldest daughter has been doing an OGTT every 6 months for a TrialNet follow-up (history study).  In April, we got the call that her blood sugar was above the threshold (211, instead of less than 200 at two hours).  We went back and repeated the test and she was higher (232).  So she's officially diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic too.  That's half our children (2 out of 4) and half of our family (3 out of 6) having type 1 diabetes.  I know we're not alone, there are several blogs with parents talking about multiple t1 children but it's still really hard!  Because of such an early diagnosis through TrialNet, our daughter will probably just start by taking her blood sugar and eventually move to insulin.  Our oldest daughter was diagnosed at the hospital and she was in DKA, not an ease-into-this slowly diagnosis!

I still support TrialNet and am looking forward to research developments that come because of their research.  We're still getting our other two children tested once a year and I'm encouraging my siblings to be tested.  It's much nicer to get that "it's okay" letter in the mail than a "your child tested positive for autoantibodies" call from TrialNet.  :)


Katy said...

Hi! Wow. Can't wait to read more, because we are doing the same thing!

Thanks for bringing your story to my attention. I've been looking for a blog like this forever.

Need A Nap2 said...

Thanks for coming by. When our oldest was first diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago, I felt like there was no one blogging about diabetes. I'm so excited to see the DOC growing.

Let me know if you have any questions or more hacks!

katy said...

How embarrassing. That KATY commenting up there is ME!

I can't believe I got all re-excited to find you...three months later! Where is my brain?

Need A Nap2 said...

Don't worry Katy, thanks for visiting again! You have mommy brain, so do I! :)