Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dee Henderson, unsolicited review and personal tirade

I loved Dee Henderson's books.  I started with The Negotiator, the first in the O'Malley series, and loved it.  I tried to wait patiently for the books coming out but it was really hard.  Then I went back and read the pre-quel Danger in the Shadows.  And eventually I read her early book, The Marriage Wish.  I read her Uncommon Heroes series and liked it but not as much as the O'Malley series.  Then she published some stand alone books: Kidnapped (also known as True Courage), Before I Wake, and The Witness; I really liked those.

Then Dee was in a terrible accident and didn't publish anything for a while.  I was very excited when her new book came out and now two more.  So now we're to Full DisclosureUnspoken, and Undetected.  I've been disappointed each time.

First, the books are longer than the O'Malley series books so each book seems to go on and on.  Second, I keep waiting for the suspense.  Because her new books were labeled "romantic suspense", I expected some suspense to be in these books. There are moments of problems and issues, and I know something is going to happen but I never really feel the peril or surprise at who the "bad guy" is.

It's not that these books are bad, they're nice stories.  But really not what I expected when I opened a Dee Henderson book.  She used to be my favorite author and I think I'm starting to look for a new one.

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