Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I was fine, sure just fine

A few weeks ago . . .

My friend called and we agreed to meet at the park with all of our kids.  Then I got the first phone call about my daughter's blood sugar.  Then I had to meet my friend at the park, one look at my face and she knew something was wrong.  I held the crying at bay for a minute until the kids were playing then the tears came (again).  Part of my being upset was waiting for the right time to tell our daughter.  There's never a right time!!  But we had to decide if she would be re-tested.  I wanted her to make that choice.

Our daughter agreed to be re-tested and so the waiting began.  My friend kept asking me if I was okay.  I felt okay at the moment but wasn't sure about the next moment.

Then the call came, her blood sugar was elevated for the re-test and she's diagnosed.  My husband was home for lunch right then so we talked for a minute.  Again, the question this time from him, are you okay?  I said yes, then it only took two seconds past the door being shut that the tears were back again.

Have we been down this road before?  Yes, that makes it a lot easier but it doesn't make it any less devastating or life-changing or cry-inducing.