Monday, November 4, 2013

(Nov Awareness Month) What do you leave at home?

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As a type 1 diabetic I am to check my blood sugar when I get up in the morning (or right before breakfast), possibly 2 hours after, before I eat a snack, before lunch, possibly 2 hours after, before I eat a snack, before dinner, possibly 2 hours after, before I drive, before I eat a snack, if I feel "funny" or low, before exercising, after exercising, before bedtime.  Whew!  That's a lot!!  That could be at least 14 test strips in one day plus if you get an error there's more test strips!

I've been out at Wal-Mart, turn to check my blood sugar and realize I left my meter at home, uh oh!!  I've walked to my kids' swim lessons, been low and only brought one pack of gummy fruit snacks with me then wondered if it was enough to keep me up for the walk home.  We went on an overnight trip, were two hours from home and stopped for lunch when I realized I left my insulin pens at home, UH OH!  That was one time I'm thankful my oldest daughter is also diabetic and I could use her pens (shh!  don't tell the insurance company).

I try to be a good diabetic, always carry your supplies - meter, strips, pens, and snacks.  I'm thankful I can carry a purse.  I'm not sure what adult men do with all of their supplies, I would think college-age would be easy with a backpack.  What would you be in trouble without if you left it at home today?

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