Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diabetes Awareness Day 2

see day 1

Yesterday, I wrote mostly about 5 years ago.  Today I want to tell you about where we are now.  Our oldest has had her Medtronic Minimed Paradigm pump for 4 years (the link isn't for her exact pump but the company, we didn't know about the new Low Suspend pump when we ordered the t:slim but I don't think it would have made a difference).  We decided it was time for a new pump (we've had just a few small issues w/ the Minimed).   Though I think she ultimately would like the OmniPod, she has some reservations about it and insurance doesn't cover it so she picked Tandem's t:slim (yes, the pump with the Touch Screen).  We are supposed to have training this week and are very excited about this "new" (to us) technology.  Now she's trying to decide if she wants to ditch her One Touch UltraLink meter (it really is AMAZING that we've kept up with this thing for 4 years!) or change to a different meter, partly the decision will depend upon insurance.

I am still using pens to control my type 1 diabetes.  I take Lantus in the morning and have been using Apidra for mealtimes/corrections (sample from my doctor, I've also used mostly Humalog).  At my last appointment, he agreed to bring my carbohydrate to insulin ratio down (up?) a lot from what it was to 1:10 for every meal, nice and simple that it's the same amount at every meal.  I still struggle with fatigue issues and will talk to my doctor about that since my hormone levels checked out okay.  I would eventually like to switch to a pump and wouldn't be surprised if 2014 is the year but (again!) it depends on insurance.  :)

Our 2nd oldest daughter is continuing with TrialNet and is showing antibodies but so far hasn't developed into diabetes.  When/IF she does, that will be half of our family with type 1.  That's scary!  Though I'm thankful for other blogs that have multiple children with type 1, I know it will be a big struggle with this child. 

When our oldest was diagnosed, my husband and I agreed that she was probably the best to handle it of our children.  She was already compliant and a little type A.  Our 2nd oldest is very sensitive and doesn't like being poked, prodded, or eating weird things.  I still am surprised she's making it through the oral glucose tests for TrialNet!  Our son was sneaking candy and didn't listen very well when our oldest was diagnosed, I think it would be really hard for him if he was diagnosed but I think he's at a better age now than he was then.  Our youngest daughter was only 1 when our oldest was diagnosed, I can't imagine having a child that young and what they would go through.  Now she is a mix of our 2nd oldest and our son so I don't think she would handle the needle pokes and diet issues very well either.

So, that's where we're at: excited about new pump technology, awaiting the day I also become "bionic", playing the wait-and-see game with out 2nd oldest, praying that our other children don't get diabetes, and waiting for a CURE.  (To me cure is no outside medical intervention, just like cancer is cured when you have no effects and no more treatments.  So nothing hooked up to you (pump or artificial pancreas) and not having to check blood sugars at all.  I know that's big but to me that's a cure, other things are advances in treatment and I know insulin/pumps/CGMs/artificial pancreas are huge advancements.)

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