Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Don't Know Me - book review

You Don't Know Me by Susan May Warren, a book title but could also be a description of my blog!  I don't open up much on here (except for my last post, see all about my endo appointment).  But the issue in You Don't Know Me - a deep haven novel- is that one of the town residents is not who you think she is.  Unfortunately, she didn't expect this day would be coming yet (if ever) and now she's not sure how to handle the secrets, the lies, or the truth.  The prologue of the book is confusing but eventually it will make sense.

My only warning - Annalise has been married for twenty years and that relationship could be uncomfortable for single women who don't want to read about it (find a different deep haven novel* if you're more comfortable with reading about fresh new relationships developing into love!).

I thought the book was a great read, enough suspense that you wanted to keep reading but not so strong that you felt like you had to stay up all night reading.  A little lighter than Dee Henderson or Lynette Eason.

*I've only read one other Deep Haven novel, Take a Chance on Me.

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