Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review of Secrets Over Sweet Tea

I laughed and cried reading Secrets Over Sweet Tea by Denise Hildreth Jones.  At first, the characters can be difficult to keep track of (see my list below).  I enjoyed the book and loved Scarlett Jo's ability to say and do almost anything and that she cared so much.  Her exercise class comments are hilarious!!  The book should've included some recipes, the desserts sound so good it would be good to bake them while you're reading.

I liked how Grace and Tyler handled each of their situations, turning to God and waiting on Him.  But I'm not sure Grace should have gone as far as she did.  I'm not sure about the "reclaiming" your heart part.  On the surface it makes sense but I could see it being pushed to an unbiblical perspective.  I would need to look into the non-fiction book she's written to fully recommend this concept.

Scarlett Jo - married to Jackson (a pastor) and has 5 boys.
Grace - married to Tyler (a professional hockey player) and has no children though she'd like them.
Miss Daisy - Grace's dog
Rachel - best friend to Grace.
Zach - married to Caroline and has 2 daughters (twins) but is having an affair.
Adele - Caroline's mother.

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