Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review of Take a Chance on Me

I've looked at Susan May Warren's books before, I think about checking them out of the library.  I add her name to my lists of authors to look into.  But I never did until Tyndale's Summer Reading list.  I really enjoyed Take a Chance on Me.  I think it could've been called, Glimpses of Grace.  I've never thought much about firefighters but recent events in Arizona (death of 19 "hotshot" firefighters) made the book more harrowing.  There are 4 main characters: Derek, Ivy, Jensen, and Claire.  Derek and Jensen used to be hotshot firefighters.  God takes all 4 of them on a scary adventure, with lots of grace and difficult past events to wade through.

I thought the book could've been a little shorter.  I seem to have a personal opinion that characters shouldn't kiss or be really close unless there's a real relationship between them or they are truly ready for it.  I was a little disappointed that the characters seemed to kiss and snuggle more than I thought appropriate.

My moral viewpoint expressed, I really thought Take a Chance on Me was a good book with lots of romance, suspense, and God's redeeming love.  I'm definitely moving Susan May Warren up on my authors to check out list!

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