Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rite-Aid STINKS!!

*Update at end*
I have a small blog but I thought I would share my frustration about coupon usage with anyone who might choose to read these words! Rite-Aid has a really good deal this week on Huggies diapers. Pay $8.99 for a jumbo pack then get $2 back in UP+ rewards. Plus spend $25 on Kimberly-Clark products then get $5 back in rebate from the Rite-Aid rebate program. Well, a few months ago there was a rebate program, buy 5 packages of Huggies diapers get a coupon for a free package. Yipee, I can save money and get a free package back. I'll go for that.

So I received my coupon and headed to a local store last night. The clerk said she had to ask the manager about my free coupon. I said ok, it's on foil paper, it has a watermark, and it says specifically "REDEEM AT RITE AID" on the front. (Not redeemable only at Rite-Aid, which will be important later.) Then the manager tells me she'll have to talk to her boss in the morning, that they're only taking free coupons up to $5 because of coupon fraud. I'm an avid couponer and I understand this but this isn't a printable coupon. It's not on regular white paper. I explained that I received this from the Rite-Aid rebate program!!!! No avail, she said I could call in tomorrow. The store is about to close and I have other shopping to do so I said ok, I still bought the Huggies and asked if I brought the coupon in tomorrow and if it's ok that I could get my money back and she said yes.

So I was very frustrated but left and went to CVS. One of the clerks there was stocking merchandise and I explained my frustration and she asked to see it. She said they would be glad to take it!

I have been impressed with Rite-Aid lately and the deals there plus I like the new Wellness program but this is ridiculous. Part of my complaint, is that I would think there would be a notification process to make an exclusion for a coupon sent out by their own rebate program!! I called today and "the boss" is willing to take the coupon and she'll be contacting her District Manager to check into the use of this coupon. I told her that I didn't appreciate having to make a separate trip into the store (well, probably my husband).

I called the corporate # and he said the policy is not to take printables over $5 and I explained that this isn't a printable! He asked which store and would I like him to call them, I said I'd already called but I didn't appreciate the hassle or having to make a second trip in and that CVS would be very happy to take my coupon and that I might not be shopping at Rite-Aid anymore! Somehow I don't think my threatening did much good but maybe this blog post will at least warn others that they might want to take their free product coupon to another store!!

UPDATE-I called the store and the manager (big boss) was understanding but not very apologetic and was confused about what I wanted. My husband took the diapers in and was able to get her to do a return on them and then buy them again with the coupon, which they now took. On the bright side, another UP+ reward printed for buying a package of Huggies. :) I'm still avoiding that store location, though I'll probably get over it sometime.

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Gail B said...

Any company has non-cooperative people who only go by the "rules". Keep up the good work ! I like hearing of people who stand up for themselves.... I'm new to the couponing world.... but have been saving "normally for over 30 years... thru frugal buying.
Thanks for your input !
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