Friday, August 20, 2010


Some things are amazing to me:

--I can move 2 times in one year and not break a bottle of olive oil that is past expiration and needs to be thrown away. Yet when I buy a new bottle at Aldi's, it doesn't make it home. It broke in the floorboard of the passenger front seat in our minivan. I had to throw away 2 reusable bags (Kroger basic black (freebie) and Whole Foods (freebie) but I did rescue the CVS green bag tag). I was very thankful I had Sunday's paper (bought for the coupons) to help sop up the extra oil. I decided to keep the cold reusable bag (freebie) that got a little oil on it. I guess next time I buy a bottle, I'll wrap it in bubble wrap and pack it more carefully in our minivan!! Olive oil - $3.99 at Aldi's.

--Gummy vitamins will melt into a big glob when left in the minivan in the sun, $3.99 at Aldi's.

--6 kids can entertain themselves when you spend $32 on pizza, drinks, and tokens at Chuck-E-Cheese (using lots of coupons!). Leaving another mom and I (we split the cost) to talk and hold one very sleepy snuggly 6-week-old baby! :)

Time with friends, new babies, and a trip to the "big" city - Priceless!


Practically Perfect... said...

It must have been the week for spilling olive oil! I woke up this morning, and one of our bottles was tipped over and had dripped all down the cupboard. Yuck!

Josh Healy said...

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