Saturday, May 7, 2016

Favorite Things #3

I've been wanting to do some blog posts about some of my Favorite Things!  #1 was here and #2 was here.

#3 are Thermos water bottles.  I like the stainless steel ones with plastic straws.  I first bought a character one after my son broke two water bottles (nice brand) two weeks in a row.  I didn't think the Thermos one would last his rough behavior but it did!  So then I started buying ones for my other kids and myself.  It's amazing how ice will stay for hours in these.  :)

I found out on Amazon, that you can order replacement straws directly from Thermos!  You can also order replacement lids if you need it.  You need your model #.  Thermos 1-800-831-9242.  $2 for replacement lids, $1 for straws (you can order 5 per week per model).  S&H is maybe $3.50?

Here's the kids, there's all kinds of characters available

Here's the 16 oz Purple one I like, also available in gray
 Here's the 18 oz one that I think is discontinued

model #HS4010 for 18 oz pop of pink (for my reference!).

I would suggest only serving water in these as the straws seem to get gunky and moldy pretty fast if a different beverage is served.  :)

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