Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Favorite Things #2

I've been wanting to do some blog posts about some of my Favorite Things!  #1 was here.

#2 is my Fitbit Flex.  Once upon a time, I thought having a fitness tracker would help me to get enough exercise in every day.  Ha ha!  But I also wanted to be able to switch off with my husband.  I was convinced that he was sitting at work all day and not getting very many steps in.  I was wrong, but I liked the Fitbit so much that I got one for him for his birthday so now we each have one.  The ultimate reason that I've ended up liking my Fitbit so much is because of the alarm settings.  I'd recommend it for anyone having to take medicine at a specific time of day.  My 2nd oldest daughter was taking her Lantus at 9 PM and I was taking mine at 9 AM, an alarm on my wrist was very handy!!  I know a lot of people use a smartphone alarm but those need to be charged more often.  Yes, a Fitbit Flex does need to be charged but can often last 5-7 days.  I also think the Slate color goes well with my Lauren's Hope Denim and Diamonds bracelet.  We've also had some experience with Fitbit's customer service and have found them to be a wonderful company!

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