Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Review

Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said by Victor Kuligin was picked by my husband to read for the Fall 2007 Reading Challenge. I'm a little late for the review. The book has lots of missionary stories from the author living in Namibia. But also challenges you to understand what Christ says and what the implications are of those words.

I specifically remember one situation that was quite troubling for the author - there was a woman who visited specifically when his wife was out of town. Then the woman spread rumors that certain things had occurred when his wife wasn't there. All of this was untrue and the woman had previously implicated other men so she was already known to be a liar. But this caused problems for the author's mission organization and interrupted their work there. A reminder to men here in the U.S. and abroad to be careful of putting themselves in awkward situations. It is better to follow the Billy Graham rule of never being alone with a woman other than your wife than to face the prejudices and implicating questions from others later.

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Greg and Renee Rouse said...

That is such good advice. My husband and I always try to follow that rule.