Sunday, March 14, 2010

Book Review - Christy by Catherine Marshall

1994 - I was very fond of the CBS show Christy starring Kellie Martin. I didn't watch every episode but was disappointed when the series was canceled. I KNEW that the story wasn't finished and I really wanted to know what happened, did she marry? did she stay in the cove?

1999 - During our final year in college, my husband and I bought a TV and had cable (really the first time in my life to have cable and the only year we had it). We watched some PAX and later became interested in their miniseries Christy. Eventually, my husband bought me the whole DVD set from PAX and I found out who Christy married. I was quite shocked but happy. I felt it didn't quite live up to the CBS show b/c Kellie Martin wasn't in it. But it was nice to see some of the same actors playing the same characters. And it was good to see more of the story!

?2002 - Because I consider myself a reader, it was kind of weird that I still hadn't read the book by Catherine Marshall! I finally checked the book out and started it but couldn't get through it. A young lady at church said it was her favorite but admitted that the story is slow until about chapter four then it picks up. Ah - now I had a clue and very good tip but I still didn't read it. :)

Late Summer 2007 - My husband gives me the CBS series on DVD for my birthday. I watched all of the episodes eyeing the behavior of the 2 suitors b/c I now knew who she married. I had seen the book at my friend's house and she said it was one of her favorites and she'd like to borrow my DVD set. Once I decided to join the Fall Reading Challenge, I added the book to my list and asked my friend if I could borrow it.

Fall 2007 - I read Christy finally! But I never posted a review!

Almost Spring 2010 - I'm thinking about joining the Spring Reading Thing but I'd like to get this review done! :) I thought the book was very good. I could relate to Christy's challenge teaching the students as I've taught Sunday School and VBS before. One of the main things she says is about their language, does she correct it or leave it as their (ultimately) heritage from their mountain culture. (At our last church I was often appalled to hear kids using the word ain't, but do you correct it or leave it???) One warning I would give to others especially if your young daughter wants to read the book or you're sensitive to the topic is rape is brought up in the book. It doesn't happen to Christy but one of the other main characters a long time in the past. I felt some of the details were not needed and the description was a bit much for littler ears. It was nice to finally hear the "whole" story from the Christy book. I can't believe how many of the CBS series shows weren't based on the book, it just seemed like they took the characters from the book and then went on with whatever storylines they wanted or whatever they would've faced in those days.

I do realize that the Christy book is fiction, but based on Catherine Marshall's mother's life. However, it SEEMS so real it's hard to believe it's fiction. If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it AND if you haven't seen the CBS show I highly recommend it AND if you haven't seen the PAX miniseries I recommend it (to finish out the story). If you just can't get enough or want to experience where the filming of the CBS show took place, then you should check out ChristyFest here taking place this year on June 16-20. Can you tell I'm a fan?

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