Saturday, June 18, 2011

Books, especially series

Because I don't have much of a book budget (in other words we don't spend much $ on books), I don't usually catch onto a series until it's very popular or I find a book at the library or read someone else's recommendation. This is very beneficial because quite often I can read a series all together. I don't have to wait months and months (or years) for the next book in a series to be published! So here's some I've read lately that I've really enjoyed:
Sisters in Bethlehem Springs series by Robin Lee Hatcher
The Bug Man series by Tim Downs (not sure if the series is finished now that #6 has come out so I may be waiting months/years for the next one)
Michelli Family series by Kristen Heitzmann

Sisters series - A Vote of Confidence, Fit to be Tied, and A Matter of Character
I'm not a feminist and I would probably think the 3 main women in the series are a little too independent and head strong. But I enjoyed the books and the characters were so good that it was hard not to want to read more about all of them.

The Bug Man series - Shoofly Pie (#1), Chop Shop (#2), (if you want the first two together), First the Dead (#3), Less than Dead (#4), Ends of the Earth (#5), and Nick of Time (#6)
I enjoy CSI so I have found the Bug Man very enjoyable. I love that each of these books until #5 Ends of the Earth can be read out of order or totally by themselves without messing up the storyline or characters. That is VERY VERY rare in a series. There are a few characters that show up in different books but usually in a very small amount. The main character from Plaguemaker (separate stand alone book, not Bug Man series) does show up in #5 Ends of the Earth so it might ruin a small part of Plaguemaker if you read Ends of the Earth first. But I didn't think Plaguemaker was that good so I would skip it anyway (though the fireworks information and bug aspect was kind of neat). (I just got book #6 Nick of Time from the library so can't comment about it yet.) Most of the time these books are not numbered as "Bug Man series #" so it can be kind of confusing. I think all of the books were categorized as "Christian" at my library but don't seem at all Christian until book #4 Less Than Dead and then just barely so these books might be looked over by a mainstream audience but might be good to share with a non-Christian friend.

Michelli Family series - Secrets, Unforgotten, and Echoes
Oh this series was SO good. Do not start book #1 Secrets unless you have book #2 Unforgotten close by so you can go right from reading the first to the second. Then you'll want to have #3 Echoes on hold so you can learn how the story concludes. I didn't agree with some of the Roman Catholic beliefs but felt that a lot of the biblical ideas were really good. These books definitely should've come with recipes!!!

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