Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Review

I read Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. It is hard to sum up this book in a short review. It was very good, very challenging in my Christian walk. It makes you think about what you are doing as a Christian, who could you be reaching out to and what could you be doing for someone else to make a difference in their life. Denver was a homeless black man that everyone was afraid of but he had a soul that desired God and a head pretty full of the Bible after attending church as a young man. Ron thought he was a Christian until confronted with someone who really believed and he slowly turned his life over to God. But the true catalyst to bring these two men together was Ron's wife Debbie (as Denver calls her Miss Debbie or Deborah as Ron calls her). Both men would never be the same!

Please read this book or give it to someone you love, you will be challenged to reach out, do something for someone else, and challenge your faith and theirs!

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Barbara H. said...

I loved this book. I was very challenged by both men and what they learned from each other.