Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life and lemonade

If you didn't read my SRT wrap-up (previous post) then you don't know we moved. We said good-bye to our horribly small horribly smoky (neighbors, ugh!) townhouse and hello to a gorgeous ranch house that is being rented to us by someone at our church. We now have a linen closet in the bathroom (what luxury!!) and a backyard (with trees and bugs) and a jacuzzi on the deck. We are SOOOO blessed. We now have a sunroom that will be good for homeschooling, eating (2 tables gifted by a family leaving to do mission work), playing and resting. I can't believe we'll have room to put 2 tables end-to-end and still have room to walk around. We might add a 3rd table or kids' table for when we have company. :)

We celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday and my youngest kept saying Happy Father's Day to Daddy then Happy Mother's Day to me. So cute. And the boy picked up on it and started saying it too! I tried to make a cake for hubby, it rose about 2/3 of a normal cake because I couldn't find the mixer (ugh, the unpacking!) and beat it by hand. It was interesting! Hope your neck of the woods are wonderful and you're enjoying the a/c during this very hot humid June weather. :)

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