Wednesday, February 25, 2009


No, I haven't been far far away. And no I didn't forget my password. Just a bad blogger I guess! :) Life has been filled lately but I want to make a few personal goals/challenges and I'm counting on this being the best place to find myself some accountability. I think this Lent* season is a good time to work on our home. Yes, we're STILL trying to get it ready to sell just haven't been pushed yet. Well the kitchen and our master bedroom need the most work at the moment. So I'm challenging myself to have the stove clean (all dishes clean and out, top cleared) and a decent pathway to our closet by Saturday. Maybe I'll post pictures. One small step for man (or homemaker) but one giant step for mankind (or our family)!

*Lent is traditionally seen by Catholics as a time to give something up. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church and attend a Southern Baptist Church now, we didn't do anything special for Lent just celebrated Easter (Good Friday wasn't even that important - at least as far as I remember). Our family now celebrates Advent leading up to Christmas and have thought about doing something for Lent but haven't yet. [Apparently, I'm not the only Southern Baptist who didn't do much for Lent, Megan and I do have that in common. Oh, and I totally do run-on sentences too!]

P.S. If you subscribe to my feed (hi hubby) you may not know I added label categories on my sidebar. Not a big deal but check it out. I did it all by myself! :)

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